Vision Mission Values

Vision, Mission and Values

The Institute for Global Cooperation and Understanding (iGCU) at Peking University is committed to promoting the new academic and policy trends of global integration. Capitalizing on the cultural heritage of Peking University, its capabilities in research and talent training, and the cross-disciplinary strengths of the School of International Studies, iGCU builds upon the philosophy of“Connecting People, Understanding the World”in advancing people-to-people exchange between China and the international community.

iGCU makes full use of the strengths of disciplines, platforms and intellectual reservoir of Peking University to keep improving its competence to serve the objective of building a community of a shared future for mankind, with four major orientations.

Academics-oriented. iGCU is well poised to enhance the academic research in various fields such as global governance, people-to-people exchange and scientific and technological development, establish the new think tank research system and achieve diversified research results, including academic monographs, policy consultation and media commentaries.

Society-oriented. iGCU sets as its mission to promote exchanges between Chinese and international partners in academic, political, and business circles. By organizing mutual visits of delegations and holding seminars, lectures, high-level forums and in-depth interviews, it aims to enhance exchanges among friendly peoples from all over the world.

Nation-oriented. iGCU is determined to promote multilateral international cooperation, establish a mechanism for mutual visits and exchanges and build platforms for cooperation between China and the international community. Intellectual support for mutual benefit and joint development will be supported by iGCU by promoting practical cooperation among countries in areas including education, science and technology, human resources and economy.

Future-oriented. With an all-round and multi-level new interdisciplinary layout established, iGCU will build a first-class young research team of think tanks with a solid theoretical basis to enhance its academic standing and policy contribution.

With Peoples connected, we welcome partners from all over the globe to join the shared enterprise of better understanding the World.