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"The Ukraine Crisis & the Evolution of International Landscape" Webinar

May 27 , 2022 03:51 PM by iGCU

On May 11, Prof. Jia Qingguo (Director of iGCU) was invited to the webinar- "the Ukraine Crisis & the Evolution of International Landscape", co-hosted by the Chinese People's Association for Peace and Disarmament and Center for China-U.S. Cooperation (CCUSC), Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver. During the webinar, Prof. Jia delivered a keynote speech, evaluating the effects of the Russia-Ukraine conflicts on the U.S.-China relations, and explaining the differences and consensus between the position of China and the U.S. on the conflicts.

Prof. Jia shared his perspectives on the consensus and divergences between the position of China and the U.S. on the Russia-Ukraine conflicts, and discussed the probability for China-U.S. cooperation in resolving theRussia-Ukraine conflicts. Prof. Jia first noted that in terms of consensus, both China and the U.S. agree that the war is not in the interest of anybody and thus should be ended as soon as possible. However, Prof. Jia also indicated that China and the U.S. have more differences than agreements indeed. Especially in interpreting the cause of conlicts and perceiving the reasons for ending the war, etc.

Prof. Jia reckoned that although the probablity for China & the U.S. to cooperate in resolving the Russia-Ukraine conflicts is small, if the two countries could work together to urge ceasefire in Ukraine, it might help to moderate the current tension between China & the U.S.

To read the full script of Prof. Jia's speech, please go to: