WU Bingbing: Afghanistan: a new arena for geostrategic competition

June 15 , 2022 04:25 PM by WU Bingbing

The article by Prof. Wu Bingbing (Professor of the School of Foreign Languages at PKU andiGCU Academic Committee Member), “Afghanistan: a new arena for geostrategic competition,” was published in China International Strategy Review, June 2022.

In the article, Prof. Wu reviews the profound impacts of the Taliban’s return to power in 2021 on Afghanistan’s neighboring countries. He points out that Afghanistan has become a new arena for geostrategic competition among Middle Eastern countries. According to Prof. Wu, on the one hand, a certain degree of détente has emerged in the region. On the other hand, the focus of geostrategic competition has expanded to the surrounding regions of the Middle East, including Afghanistan, the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean, the South Caucasus, etc.

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