HU Bo: Is Western countries' Surveillance on Chinese Fishing Boats Just an 'Appetizer'?

June 22 , 2022 04:13 PM by HU Bo

On May 26, Prof. Hu Bo (Director of Center for Maritime Strategy Studies at Peking University and iGCU Academic Committee Member) published a commentary:“Is Western countries' surveillance onChinese fishing boats just an 'appetizer'?”on

Prof. Hu analyzed the impacts of the Quad Summit 2022 in Tokyo and the Indo-Pacific Partnership for Maritime Domain Awareness (IPMDA) on China. He further suggested that by launching the IPMDA initiative, the Quad countries actually aim to tarnish China’s image and further push anti-China stunt in new “illegal fishing” plan. Prof. Hu further pointed out that the IPMDA aims to use satellite technology to create a tracking system for China's "(so-called) illegal fishing" activities, in the name of "working with regional partners to respond to humanitarian and natural disasters, and combat illegal fishing". Moreover, the initiative is also trying tofurther disrupt and limit China’s maritime activities,and attempting to create discord between China and its Southeast Asian neighbors.

Full article (in Chinese) is available at: