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Great Power Perseverance: China's Historical Choice at the Crossroads of Diplomacy(Chinese Edition: “大国坚守:中国外交在十字路口的历史抉择”)

November 19 , 2021 12:22 AM by iGCU

[Author] Jia Qingguo, Su Ge, Cui Liru etc.

[Publisher and date] Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, April 1st, 2019

[Abstract] Great Power Perseverance is a profound reflection on the new changes, new responses and new practices of Chinese diplomacy, expressed in layman's terms by renowned Chinese and foreign diplomacy experts and scholars. The book focuses on China-US relations, but also includes bilateral diplomacy between China and Japan, China and Europe, China and Russia, and China-Africa, as well as analysis of G20 Hangzhou Summit and "One Belt, One Road" and other major diplomatic events.

Through the rational observation and profound analysis of experts and scholars, the book not only preserves the historical depth but also reflects the contemporary concerns of scholars on topics such as China-US relations and "One Belt, One Road"; it is not only a factual record of China's diplomacy in the new era, but also a leading viewpoint for scholars to interpret the relationship between China and the world, and shows the commitment and public opinion guidance of mainstream media.


[Additional Information] ISBN: 9787313210722