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The Rise of China from the Perspective of International Relations Theory (Chinese Edition: 从国际关系理论看中国崛起)

November 20 , 2021 07:43 PM by

[Author] Ding Wei, Yu Ji, Li Enmin, Li Li Tu, Ni Shixiong, Xu Siqin, Jia Qingguo, etc.

[Publisher and date] Wu-Nan Culture Enterprise

[Abstract] The rise of China has shocked the world, and the world order of the twenty-first century is about to be reorganized due to the rise of China. How China's rise will impact the existing international system is the great intellectual challenge that scholars of international relations are currently facing together.

This book brings together sixteen prominent Chinese-American political scientists from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and the United States to try to answer three important questions about China's rise from the perspectives of international relations theory and foreign policy-making theory.

First, what does the rise of China mean for the global system and international relations in the East Asian region?

Second, what are the opportunities, constraints, and strategies of China's peaceful rise?

Third, how do countries with which China has important strategic dependencies respond to the challenges of China's rise?

[Additional Information] ISBN: 9789571147888