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Fifteen Lectures on American Culture and Society: American Diplomatic Thought and Practice(Chinese Edition: 美国文化与社会十五讲)

November 21 , 2021 08:06 PM by iGCU

[Author] Yuan Ming, Fan Shiming, Zhu Wenli, etc.

[Publisher and date] Peking University Press

[Abstract] The United States has the greatest military power, the largest economy, and the broadest political influence in the world, and it has a major influence on world affairs. U.S. diplomacy is the most direct and extremely important form of this influence. The United States has long had a great influence on China's national security and economic development, so successive Chinese governments in recent times have placed great importance on U.S. policy. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the U.S. policy has been an important part of the Chinese government's foreign policy. Since the reform and opening up of China, the influence of U.S. foreign policy on China has increased with the expansion of China's foreign relations. It is of great theoretical and practical importance for China to understand and appreciate the U.S. foreign policy in order to formulate a reasonable foreign policy.

[Additional Information] ISBN: 9787301257807