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Building U.S.-China Trust through Next Generation People, Platforms, and Programs (parallel in both Chinese and English)

April 07 , 2020 02:53 PM by iGCU

[Author] U.S.-China Bi-National Commission on Trust-Building and Enhancing Relations

[Publisher and Date] Social Sciences Academic Press, December 1st, 2014

[Abstract] The interaction and interdependence between China and the United States are on the increase, and trust is essential in promoting cooperation and avoiding conflicts between the two countries. However, a survey shows that mutual trust between the two countries is waning, and the lack of trust hinders the resolution of many problems. The two countries should make use of new technologies and platforms to promote exchange, especially among young people. Both China and the United States face challenges in the fields of security, economics, the environment and so on, and meeting these challenges will provide considerable opportunities for China-U.S. cooperation. The top priority for the governments, public institutions and people of the two countries is to expand the effectiveness of communication. This report recommends efforts that should be made to mobilise the enthusiasm of young people for participation and maximise the chances for young people to seize opportunities. It also suggests carrying out communication projects with specific tasks with a focus on the importance of cooperation for the completion of each project, and using new technology to implement various communication activities for expanded influence, thereby encouraging increased exchange activities and establishing and utilising a comprehensive bilingual website for promoting successful practices.

[Additional Information] ISBN: 9787509764466