China-U.S. Student Summit

May 31 , 2014 01:55 PM by

On May 31st, 2014, the opening ceremony of the U.S.-China Student Summit was held at the Yingjie Exchange Center of Peking University. A total 360 students from more than 50 prestigious and key middle schools in China and the United States participated in the Summit. The Summit is a platform statesmen, educators and people of insight who care about and support the healthy development of China-U.S. relations. Li Yansong, Vice President of Peking University, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a welcome speech.

The Summit was sponsored by the WorldStrides International Group and School of International Studies of Peking University, with the assistance of the China Education Association for International Exchange, iGCU of Peking University and 100,000 Strong Foundation. The Summit brought together representatives of college students from top universities such as the University of California, Berkeley and Georgia Institute of Technology from the United States, and Peking University and Beijing Foreign Studies University from China, as well as representatives of outstanding high school students selected in China. At the Summit, the guests delivered wonderful speeches on the theme of “Youth and Innovation” to further strengthen people-to-people exchange between China and the United States.

The Summit lasted for two days and was divided into five sessions. On the morning of the first day, at the opening ceremony, the guests stressed the importance of China-U.S. relations in their speeches, followed by keynote speeches. In the afternoon, the members conducted academic discussions and interactions on the topics of leadership, innovation, communication and cultural promotion. The next day, the conference sponsors invited a number of business executives to give lectures on topics of concern to Chinese and American students.

This summit has received strong support from 100,000 Strong Foundation. 100,000 Strong Foundation aims to expand the number and diversity of American students studying in China, which will allow the next generation of American youths to effectively promote the healthy development of Chna-U.S. relations through cultural consensus and understanding.


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