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Professor YUAN Ming Gives the Tenth Lecture at the Famous Teacher’s Lecture Hall:“Cultivate the Garden of Spirit with the Virtue of Honesty”

December 19 , 2014 02:26 PM by

On December 19th, 2014, Professor YUAN Ming, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of the School of International Studies of Peking University, Assistant Dean of the School of International and Strategic Studies of Peking University, and member of the CPPCC National Committee, came to the lecture hall as the tenth keynote speaker to explain one of the key socialist core values: “honesty”. JIANG Langlang, Director of the Publicity Department of the Party Committee of Peking University, presided over the lecture. 

The participants in this lecture included not only the studious teachers and students, but also the student Party members who participated in the training of new Party members this year.In his lecture, Yuan Ming said that honesty is a noble characteristic that every teacher and student of Peking University should pursue, as it is a concrete action of truth, goodness and beauty.In the hundred-year history of Peking University, every teacher and student has been a witness of truth, goodness and beauty.She reviewed the relevant historical events and pointed out that “frank friendship is also needed in international exchange, and the international game is not about which side is shrewder, but which is more knowledgeable.” In addition, Yuan Ming  described honesty in other languages as examples to explain the significance of honesty as a rule for humanity, and looked forward to the return of truth, goodness and beauty in human nature. She introduced the experience of learning from each other with her colleagues in research, and described the importance of maintaining a serious, responsible and diligent attitude in cultivating the truth, goodness and beauty of human nature. Finally, she encouraged the students to possess the strength of truth, goodness and beauty.