China's Approach to Dealing with Crisis and Change in Global Governance

October 02 , 2018 08:37 PM by MEN Honghua

[Author] MEN Honghua, Distinguished Professor at Tongji University, President of the Institute for China & World Studies, Tongji University, Dean of the School of Political Science & International Relations, Tongji University

[Abstract] The outbreak of the financial crisis in Europe and America in 2008 was a landmark event in the history of global governance. It showed that the international system and governance mechanism was unable to adapt to the new global situation or solve the new challenges and problems caused by the rapid development of globalization. Global governance needs to explore new ideas, new paths and new strategies. However, to advance the transformation and development of global governance, in-depth cooperation by the great powers is not all that is involved; also inevitable are the redistribution of international power, interests and responsibilities, contradictory global concepts and fierce competition among the great powers. The next five to ten years are a key period both for the transformation and development of global governance and for China's full-scale rise. The latter is not only a process of China's integration into the global governance system but also a process whereby China influences global governance reform. China should seize the opportunity of the global governance crisis and changes to promote benign interaction between China and the world and should become an advocate, designer, shaper and leader in the improvement of the global governance system, focusing on the construction of national governance, the governance of East Asia, global governance and the governance of certain advantageous fields. Its active assumption of the historic mission of the new era of globalization has laid a solid foundation for China to grow into a great major country.

[Key words] global governance, new globalization, national governance system, community of shared future for mankind, new-type international relations