Future of Global Governance Research: Comparison and Reflection

December 20 , 2020 10:32 AM by PANG Zhongying

[Author] PANG Zhongying, Director of the Institute of Marine Development of Ocean University of China, Member of the Academic Committee of iGCU.

[Abstract] Global governance research has increasingly become one of the most important disciplines. The study of global governance originates from the study of international relations and changes it. However, the future of global governance research is becoming complex, with its relevance, sustainability, and certainty remaining unclear. The practice of global governance is deeply trapped in a compound crisis. Noting the various opinions on where global governance research as a discipline is going, we can put forward an agenda to innovate global governance research in the 21st century. That is to build a sustainable composite global synergy or composite global conference.

[Key Words] Global Governance Research; Compositionality; Polycentricity; Diversity.