How to cultivate international "Rencai"

March 25 , 2021 07:41 PM by DONG Qiang


DONG Qiang, Member of the Academic Committee of the iGCU, Dean of French department of PKU, Peking University Boya Chair Professor


The word "Rencai" is a very Chinese concept which is difficult to translate, many would translate it into "Talents" , but as far as I know there is no equivalent concept in the two languages.

What is "Rencai" ? What is international "Rencai" ? If I have to say this in one or two words, I can't say it clearly. In my experience, many people in international organizations do not have such strong cross-cultural abilities. However, one thing is for sure: they must be the top in their major, which is very important. In the process of cultivating international "Rencai", I think one of the key points is expectations, not only have simple expectations but also hope they can lead us or help us improve. First of all, I hope international Rencai can surprise us, and we expect them to surpass us. Second, internationalized Rencai, let them as far as possible to see the world when they are young, let them know as early as possible that China is just part of the world.