China and the U.S. should have conversations on values

February 22 , 2021 08:24 PM by Junru LI


Junru LI, Former Vice-Prisident of Party School of the Central Committee of CPC.


After twists and turns in Sino-U.S. relations over the past few years, it is time for us to restart dialogue and get back on track. This is the common aspiration of people in the two countries and the aspiration of people around the world. I have three points that I would like to share and discuss with you. First, to rebuild China-U.S. mutual trust, we must restart people-to-people exchanges. As President Xi puts it, as long as we stay committed, we will make greater progress in facilitating new models of China-U.S. relations and bring more benefits to the people of our two countries and other countries. Second, to restart people to people exchange, the most important thing is to have communications about values. Peace, development, equality, justice, democracy and freedom are shared value of all human beings. So it is not accurate to say China and the U.S. have different values. The third point is that the best way to restart people to people exchange is to let both sides hear the voices of each other.

The greatest significance of the resumption of people-to-people exchanges is that the voices of the people of the two sides can be heard, so that the people of the two countries can enhance mutual understanding and reduce misunderstanding, and become the cornerstone for both countries to promote a sound development of bilateral relations.

Note: Summarized from Li's speech from Lanting Forum, 2021.