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The Biden Administration and the Trend of U.S. Strategic Competition with China

June 18 , 2021 04:03 PM by ZHAO Minghao

The Biden Administration and the Trend of U.S. Strategic Competition with China

[Author] ZHAO Minghao

[Abstract] The Biden administration has identified China as the "toughest competitor" facing the United States, stressed that competition is the essence of China-U.S. relations, and advocated the use of competition, confrontation and cooperation as policy tools to handle relations with China from the so-called "position of strength". In contrast to the Trump administration, the Biden administration focuses on "positive competition" with China to make its layout centering on "long-term and strategic competition" as well as "extreme competition" with China to gain an upper hand by enhancing its own competitiveness as the basis, building a complex international camp as the support, increasing deterrence on China in the Indo-Pacific as the focus, and provoking ideological confrontation as the leverage. In areas such as combating climate change, the Biden administration has also shown a sense of competition with China. The consensus between the two parties in the United States on strengthening strategic competition with China has become more prominent, as seen in their efforts to cooperate with the Biden administration by promoting the Strategic Competition Act of 2021 and the Endless Frontier Act among others. As the Biden administration has comprehensively deepened strategic competition with China, maintaining a stable China-U.S. relationship and achieving sound interactions between the two countries are facing new and complex tests.

[Source] Peace and Development, No.3, 2021, pp.14-36.