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International Order and Sino-U.S. Strategic Competition

April 15 , 2020 11:05 AM by ZHU Feng

International Order and Sino-U.S. Strategic Competition

[Author] ZHU Feng

[Abstract] The most notable changes of international system are the rise of emerging market and developing countries and the change of the balance of power between China and major countries in the world. In terms of the two countries' strength, position and global impact, Sino-U.S. strategic competition will not change international order in the short term. Even China keeps criticizing and challenging the trade bullyism practices of the U.S. administration and its security and military actions in Indo-Pacific region, it does not mean that China and U.S. can not cooperate or have begun to compete for dominance in a transitional international order. Sino-U.S. strategic competition will coexist with trade and necessary cooperation between the two countries. Sino-U.S. strategic competition will affect the change of power, ideas and behaviour,  and its development will to some extent decide the stability and change of international order.  But it's not the only determinant.  The future of Sino-U.S. strategic competition and international order will depend on the interactions of major countries in the world and their strategic decisions. 

[Source] Asia-Pacific Security and Maritime Affairs,  No. 2, 2020, pp.1-22.