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The Scenery and Potential Risk of UK Local Elections

May 10 , 2021 04:57 PM by CUI Hongjian

The UK local election is the first election since the general election at the end of 2019, which can be regarded as a wind vane of British public opinion. Right now the government has to response to the two major challenges, namely the Brexit and anti-epidemic. The preliminary result of the election shows that the ruling conservative party is "in a good situation", which not only retains its existing advantage, but also seizes its traditional zone like Hartlepool constituency from the old handicraft party, which is considered to be of symbolic significance. Although the Labour Party has achieved good results in the mayoral election, especially keeping the throne of mayor of London, it is still in decline compared with the conservative party. The most interesting Scottish local election ended with the Scottish National Party losing one seat to an absolute advantage, leaving more suspense for the second independence referendum in the future. Behind the Conservative Party's victory, there is a potential risk that British politics continues to turn right and it is more difficult to maintain national unity.