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Will Europe Take the "Powerful Medicine" Prescribed by France

April 27 , 2018 04:54 PM by CUI Hongjian

President of France Macron has made a big noise recently. Not to mention that France has stood with the United States and Britain in combating Syria, it may be just the young president's impulse to hold the United States and revisit France's "great power dream"; Not to mention that relying on his "closeness" with Trump, he is unmatched among European leaders. He visits Washington as a "European spokesman", aims to keep the United States in the Syrian and Iranian nuclear agreements, and strive for Europe's long-term exemption from U.S. steel and aluminum taxes; What Macron really cares about right now is to restart the Franco-German axis, so as to promote the reform of the eurozone and usher in the "rejuvenation" of the EU.