Sino-Africa Economic Relations: History, Current Situation and Thinking

September 29 , 2021 05:06 PM by LI Anshan

This paper is compiled according to the keynote speech of Li Anshan, a professor emeritus of the School of International Studies of Peking University, President of Chinese Society of African Historical Studies, and Vice President of Chinese Association of Asian and African Studies, at the second Yuelu Forum on Sino-Africa economic and trade cooperation held at the school of economics and trade of Hunan University on September 29, 2021, and is authorized to publish by the author. On the basis of analyzing the history and current situation of China Africa economic relations, Professor Li Anshan believes that Sino-Africa cooperation has great prospects. At the same time, it reminds us that in the future Sino-Africa economic and trade cooperation, we should guard against a trap "China model", prevent a tendency of blind arrogance, and fully utilize the advantage of "Chinese network".