Will Africa Return to the Center of the World or the Game of Great Powering Africa—— Starting From the Diplomacy of the Global Summit in Africa

September 22 , 2019 05:09 PM by LIU Haifang

This paper finds an interesting phenomenon in international relations during recent ten years that the "summit diplomacy towards Africa" launched by traditional great powers and emerging market countries (mainly in Asia). Especially since 2018, the international relations around Africa have developed from the original competition to the open and covert struggle of great powers in tension. Beyond the traditional political thinking of great powers and from the perspective of Africa, we will find that Africa's independent initiative has made very optimistic progress in the requirements of independent self-determination, peace and security governance and diversified economic development, especially the multilateral mechanisms is taking in shape (such as the Commonwealth); By promoting the institutionalized multilateral cooperation platform of "China-Africa Cooperation Forum" led by China, Africa has greatly improved its international strategic position. At the same time, China has the ability to grow on the international platform, including skillfully mastering the use and practice of multilateral mechanisms.