COVID-19 and Global Cooperation in Africa

June 20 , 2020 05:10 PM by LIU Haifang

After the outbreak of the coronavirus, African countries, though they are facing a dilemma of ensuring the people's livelihood and epidemic prevention, they still take positive measures to cope with the epidemic. The counter epidemic mechanism was established by the two member of the African Union. Encouraging the public to do a good job to prevent and improve community to make epidemic prevention "sink into the community"; People and communities have also spontaneously various innovative actions. These inter regional solidarity and cooperation methods have effectively delayed the development of the epidemic in Africa. Meanwhile, in response to the epidemic, China and Africa have shown solidarity and mutual assistance. China has sent experts in the epidemic prevention team on the basis of existing health cooperation to convey the confidence and specialized knowledge and technology against COVID-19. However, the coronavirus still exists. China reaffirmed its solidarity and actively explored the building of a health and health community in Africa.