The Truth about Africa's Debt Problem

February 15 , 2019 08:50 PM by YANG Youming

The Truth about Africa's Debt Problem

[Author] YANG Youming

[Abstract] In April 2018, I left Zambia and returned China. Just one month before I left Africa, U.S. Secretary of state Tillerson visited Africa and put forward the so-called "China's Debt Trap Theory". The theory is not only unreasonable, but also does not accord with the facts at all. First of all, African countries generally agree with China's attitude, concept and approach to aid. China's aid to Africa is very different from that of western countries. It has never attached any conditions and is sincerely welcomed by African countries. Secondly, China respects the political system chosen by the people of African countries, and its assistance to Africa focuses on development issues and livelihood projects. Starting from its own practice, China believes that to become strong, developing countries must first solve the problem of development. If the problem of development is not solved, everything will be impossible. Finally, China's cooperation with Africa has achieved rapid and considerable results.

[Source] World Affairs, No.2, 2019, pp.58-60.