On The Operation Mechanism of FOCAC and Its Relation with African Intergrations

May 13 , 2012 09:28 PM by LI Anshan;LIU Haifang

On The Operation Mechanism of FOCAC and its Relation with African Intergrations

[Author] LI Anshan;LIU Haifang

[Abstract] The operation mechanism of FOCAC is characterized as being bilateral,multi-dimensional and interactive promoted by both sides, and in several aspects African countries have made contributions to the forum. FOCAC maintains an interactive relation with African integration. African Union participates in the forum as observers and has made their own contributions too.Proper emphases are given to aspects of African integration in designing certain agenda and cooperation projects.Some enterprises attend to the regional aspects in setting projects. The completion of the African Union Building reflects the attitude of strengthening the position and function of African Union in FOCAC. Presently,the decision-making process of the forum gradually becomes scientific with characters of capitalization on the trend and continuous adjustments.This means that with the changing attitude of African countries towards this kind of collective coordination mechanism, FOCAC will show more signs of multi-lateral tendency. Suggestions for maintaining sustainability of FOCAC are also proposed.

[Source] Teaching and Research, No.6, 2012, pp.57-65.