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What Will The Policy Focus of Merkl's Successor Be?

September 24 , 2021 10:47 AM by FENG Zhongping

[Author] FENG Zhongping

[Abstract] In an interview from the 21 Jingji, Feng Zhongping, director of the Institute of European Studies of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, analyzed the political situation in Germany after the election. First, Feng argues that Merkl’s political style is pragmatic and rational, and that her "Rhein Model" has contributed a lot to manufacturing. Second, after Merkl leaves office, Germany will continue to drive its economy through a green and digital transformation. Third, the German move will promote the two countries in the low-carbon field and digital field of competition and cooperation. Fourth, there may be uncertainty in German diplomacy in the post Merkl era, as well as in China-German relations.