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A Strategic Analysis on the Complexity of China-India Cooperative Partnership

September 20 , 2021 03:33 PM by MEN Honghua & WANG Ting

[Author] MEN Honghua & WANG Ting

MEN Honghua, Distinguished Professor at Tongji University, President of the Institute for China & World Studies, Tongji University, Dean of the School of Political Science & International Relations, Tongji University

WANG Ting, Postgraduate Student of the School of Political Science & International Relations, Tongji University

[Abstract] Properly handling the complexity of China-India partnership is an important starting point for dealing with the deterioration of bilateral relations and developing a new type of international relations. At present, how to properly manage China-India relations tests the wisdom of China’s diplomacy. Facing the future, the two countries should think about how to abandon zero-sum thoughts, strengthen management of bilateral competition and avoid its continuing deterioration. China and India should promote direct contacts between top leaders, accept the other side’s rise rationally, reach to new global consensus, so as to reduce the impact of complexity; broaden the scope of economic cooperation through multilateral economic regimes and third-party cultivation, and deepen cooperation for mutual benefits; carry out security dialogue, strengthen competition management and the ability of crisis management, so as to create conditions for re-normalization of the bilateral relations.

[Key words] partnership complexity; China-India relations; competition management; strategic analysis