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iGCU's Journey for China-India People-to-people Exchange

June 22 , 2020 12:59 AM by iGCU

Overseas Study

• On October 7, 2018, Associate Professor Wang Dong was invited to India to attend the World Energy Policy Summit, where he spoke with Narendra Taneja, the national spokesman of the ruling party, the People ’s Party, and the former Indian ambassadors to Saudi Arabia, Oman, and UAE, Talmiz Ahmad.

Visits and Exchanges

• On October 25, 2019, Wang Dong attended the 8th Beijing Fragrant Hills Forum and was invited to participate in television debates with young scholars and officers from the United States, Italy and India on the "New Cold War" and global strategic balance.

• On March 25, 2019, Wang Dong was invited to participate in the celebration of the Indian Holi Festival at the invitation of Indian Ambassador to China Vikram Misri.