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Sino-Japanese Relations in Various Perspectives

April 24 , 2016 03:53 PM by ZHANG Yunling


[Author] ZHANG Yunling, Member of Academic Committee of iGCU, PKU, Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chair Professor and Dean of the Institute of International Studies at Shandong University

[Abstract] The Sino-Japanese relations nowadays should be viewed in various perspectives. The changes of relative strength and the multiple power structures of China and Japan are the cause of complexity of Sino-Japanese relations in terms of position perception and practical interaction. From the perspective of security relations reconstructing, the security goal of China and Japan are very different and the dynamic to competition, which may not result in wars but will impose negative impact on the bilateral relations, will persist for quite a long period time. From the perspective of misperception in Sino-Japanese relations, it is necessary for Japan to get back to the track of welcoming and supporting China's development, and for China to understand and support Japan's effort of "national normalization", with the prerequisite of Japan not positioning China as its threat.