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The New Development of Higher Education Exchanges between China and Japan in the Past Forty Years after the Conclusion of the China-Japan Peace and Friendship Treaty:A Case Study of Peking University

June 19 , 2018 08:07 PM by CHU Xiaobo


[Author] CHU Xiaobo, Party Secretary and Professor in the School of International Studies, Peking University

[Abstract] In the past forty years since The China-Japan Peace and Friendship Treaty was concluded, great progress has been made in higher education field between China and Japan. It is manifested in the legal guarantee specified in a large number of treaties and agreements, the depending of exchanges, and the emergence of a series of exchange mechanisms in this field. In the case of Peking University, it is correspondingly reflected in the "Fukuda Plan of Peking University" led by the government, the "Beijing-Tokyo Forum" led by the social level and the "Jing Forum" spontaneously promoted by students from Peking University and Tokyo University. The number of Japanese students studying at Peking University is steadily increasing, and intercollegiate exchanges have been established with many Japanese universities and scientific research institutions. From the perspective of Peking University’s participation in higher education exchanges with Japan, the two countries need to further promote the training of talent, constantly promote the development of disciplines and integration of resources within and among themselves, and actively promote the cooperation between the two countries to integrate into the tide of higher education exchanges in East Asia and even the whole world.

[Key words] China-Japan Peace and Friendship Treaty; higher education exchanges; Sino-Japanese relations; Peking University