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The Current Situation, Problems and Solutions of Mutual Perception between China and Japan

January 30 , 2018 08:09 PM by ZHU Feng


[Author] ZHU Feng

Member of the Academic Committee of iGCU, Professor at Division of History and Executive Director of the Collaboration Innovation Center of South China Sea Studies, Nanjing University.


The factor of perception between peoples of different countries serves as a crucial variable in the international relations, which acting as a basic domestic factor, can have a direct impact on the decision-making of political figures. It is obvious that the Japanese self-perception and Chinese perception of Japan are different and Japanese perception of China is complex and controversial, which has made the mutual perception of both sides become quite negative and widen the gap of understanding between China and Japan. The Sino-Japanese relations have gradually become stable and there is a growing need for the condition of further improving the bilateral relations through renewing the Chinese perception of Japan and improving Japanese perception of China, with both the aspects of cooperation and competition in Sino-Japanese relations developed and kept under control.